Vivi caută partener

Povestea întreagă o găsiți pe blogul lui. Pe scurt:

I started working on PicSpree by myself. (if you install the app, don’t forget to rate it 5 stars. 🙂 thanks!)

I care deeply about social and I am frustrated that even though my friends put a lot of data in my social network, I don’t have good tools to take advantage of that.

I want to build those tools, and I started with a better Facebook Photos app that will have added layers of meaning built on top of the large pile of photos that your friends uploaded.

A friend helped me for a while, but he realized that he wasn’t ready to do this. So now I’m back at square one, with a vision and a product I’ve built mostly myself, looking for a partner to join me in this vision and trying to get into TechStars to accelerate my company.

Datele de contact le găsiți la el pe site 🙂