tomshardware is bullshit

I’m not a benchmarking freak. I’m reading this kind of articles once a month, or even more.

Recently someone give me some reviews in the “Intel vs AMD” battle from tomshardware. The reviews were very ambiguous. For a site that wants to be hi-tech related, tomshardware just a joke. It’s tests and reviews are always ambiguous, the test are not fair.

4 thoughts on “tomshardware is bullshit”

  1. I read pretty often tom’s, and i do not find their test results as being ambiguous. If you want i can try and explain to you some of the things that you do not fully understand(“nimeni nu se naste invatat”).

  2. This article is pretty old. I can’t remember what bothered me exactly. The main idea was that the test were not fair enough in my opinion (to much parameters that where not mentioned, and so on…). Some tests were not convincing and some test where not done.

    Thanks a lot for your support!

  3. erh… i know, i saw the date, but I found this blog by accident when I was trying to bookmark tomshardware and I read a lot of articles from there. They may not have the best reviews, but still, it is a good source for reference. Regarding the ambiguity of their tests: i have found a cooler test didn’t look quite right, but then again coolers, are pretty tricky. If you think something is wrong with their tests, you can check other sources, tom’s aren’t the only ones doing good reviews.
    Regards and good health!

  4. I also used to be a “tom’s hardware” fan. I write this article because I was disappointed by them. In the past, they where the best, by right now, I see only marketing there…

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